Sunday, March 6, 2011

American Gothic

I hope I'm not alone in the following: on occasion, for whatever reason, I'll look through a full or almost full sketchbook and think, "You know what? You're pretty marvelous. You should really do something about this." And I promise to share my brilliance with the world, and go to sleep happy. And then I inevitably oversleep, or have to run six errands before lunch, or I look through the same sketchbook again by the light of day and think, "Ugh.", and the brilliance-sharing gets put off for another day.

Anyway, one such session prompted me to scan a few of my favorites from the latest almost-finished sketchbook, and I'm glad I have them on hand to share after Children's Illustration's latest link on the resurgence of Edward Gorey (did he ever go missing, really?).*

See? I'm timely, and have been for years. And if the New York Times doesn't prove it, check out my new Tumblr, in which I one up the trend of mocking hipsters by secretly wanting to fit in with them. (Ho-ho!)

*I have a feeling this post is fairly insufferable, so let me add that I love Gorey for the media he used, for the subject matter, for working small, and for the Masterpiece Theater Mystery! intro. Though maybe watching too much public television as a kid is what makes me write posts like the one above today...

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