Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bookstore Mural

I see I completely failed to update during the month of August. :/ But it was because I was busy! Jennifer and Andy Gyurisin of Winchester Book Gallery, a great independent book store, hired me to paint a mural for them. I'd done one for the shop a few years ago, on canvas. This time, I got to paint on location, in the children's section.

Andy and Jen had the idea of a 'feast of books'. On the first wall, I painted books growing on trees and kids harvesting them. On the second wall, I painted a 'book bakery', where blank pages go to be filled with ideas, words, and pictures. The third and final wall was where everyone ends up - at a 'book banquet'.

More pictures and information on the Book Gallery's facebook page, and in this album!


  1. Wow, so vibrant and eye catching, perfect for the Children's section. That would have been so much fun i bet? keep up the great work. xo